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We believe breast milk is the best nutritional choice for infants, which is why we support the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and goal of increasing breast-feeding rates. We also support the rights of parents to make their own informed decisions on the most appropriate way to feed their babies, and our mission is to enhance quality of life for families with the cleanest, plant-based alternative to dairy and soy-based nutrition, made of 3 core natural, minimally-processed & whole food ingredients.

Made for families left behind by usual pediatric nutrition 

For families left behind by the usual pediatric nutrition options, Else is the something else they have been looking for. 

Else products are made with over 80% whole-food ingredients and all have the following benefits:

  • Low sugar

  • 20+ vitamins & minerals

  • No dairy, soy, corn syrup, gum, gluten or fillers

  • Natural prebiotic fiber

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Our Else Healthcare Professional Sample Program makes it simple and easy for you and your patients to try all our innovative products. 

Our Latest Papers 

Our products are made of almonds, buckwheat and tapioca, and they are free of common allergens and additives. We have conducted several scientific studies to show how our products can support your child’s growth and development.
The effect of a plant-based pediatric nutrition product based on almonds and buckwheat on perceived relief of intolerance symptoms: retrospective analysis of a parent survey.
Evaluation of the Safety of a Plant-Based Infant Formula Containing Almonds and Buckwheat in a Neonatal Piglet Model

From Our Clinicians 

Else Nutrition is more than just a plant-based formula. It is a product that has been endorsed by clinicians who have seen its positive impact on children with various dietary needs and preferences. See for yourself why they recommend us: