Introducing Foods/Proteins Into the Diet

This study explores childhood incidence of asthma or recurrent wheeze in breast-fed newborns fed amino acid-based formula for volume supplementation (BM+AAF) compared to those fed cow’s milk-based formula for volume supplementation (BM+CMF).  Further analyses stratified subgroups by 25-OH-D and IgE levels in those who received extended follow-up due to atopic conditions. For both highest IgE quartile and above-median 25-OH-D levels, those fed BM+AAF for volume supplementation had significantly lower incidence of asthma or recurrent wheeze at 24 months of age compared to those fed BM+CMF.


Tachimoto H, Imanari E, Mezawa H, et al. Effect of Avoiding Cow's Milk Formula at Birth on Prevention of Asthma or Recurrent Wheeze Among Young Children: Extended Follow-up From the ABC Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Network Open. 2020 ;3(10):e2018534.