Clinical Testimonials

From Parents

Food Allergies

We’ve been in and out of hospitals for y son Axel's 1st year of his life for Sandifers Syndrome, which is really intense acid reflux that causes seizure-like episodes, and he would go unconscious. Some symptoms began to get better, but he was starting to choke or vomit 6-8 times a day. We later found out he was allergic to eggs, milk, soy, avocado, and some tree nuts. Of course his formula had milk and soy. So we began a trial and error with every possible option of formula he was allowed. He refused all of them, and some even caused his puking to be worse. When he turned 12 months, we began trying all dairy-free milks: ripple milk, almond milk, oat milk, even yogurts with coconut. He refused them all.

Throughout this whole process, I had to knowingly feed him his formula he was allergic to. Then my mom sent over the link to Else and I ordered it right away. Axel loved it at 1st taste and has never touched his formula again. He’s eating his 3 meals a day now without any puking. To top it off, my son has never slept more then 3 hours and now since he is pain free and not sick he’s been sleeping 7+ hour stretches! He’s a much happier baby all around. We are very happy and thankful for your product. -Rebecca J

Dairy Sensitivity 

My niece was having stomach problem, she is lactose intolerant. Her mother, as suggested by her pediatrician, started her on soy milk. I noticed that my niece keep having stomach problem, so I searched online for a good milk for her and found Else. Since my16-month old niece started drinking Else, her stomach problems have almost disappeared and her sleep is greatly improved. We are very pleased with Else, thank you for creating this wonderful product. - Maritza C

My little man has a milk protein allergy and I am SO happy to have found this! He just turned one and is coming off his ridiculously expensive hypoallergenic formula. This is an awesome alternative to milk without all the chemicals! Tastes way better than infant formula too! - Kelly H 

Spina Bifida

My toddler has Spina Bifida so she naturally has issues with constipation. When I was done nursing at 15 months, I was struggling to find a whole milk alternative that wouldn't contribute to her bowel issues. We found Else, ran it by her doctors who LOVED the ingredients, and have been using it for about 6 months now! We love knowing she is getting the nutrition she needs and she loves her 'moop'! - Sarah V

Sensitive Stomach

My daughter has had a sensitive stomach since she was put on formula. And I only buy her the organic formula. But still she would have episodes that expressed that maybe her tummy didn’t agree with a certain ingredient.So when I did research on non dairy, plant based formulas Else was the number one. I dug deep into the ingredients and couldn’t help but try it. My daughter has had the best response in more ways than just in her tummy. She’s acting different. Sleeps better and all around has a better demeanor. I’m so grateful for Else !!!! I recommend to anyone who has children! This formula has relieved me of so much worry and stress. ❤️ - Shasta V