Medical Affairs Team

Renana Mizrahi
Global Director, Medical & Scientific Affairs
Dr. Fabiana Bar Yoseph
Global Director, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

A Message From Our Medical Affairs Team:

Welcome to Else Nutrition, where our scientists and leadership embrace the opportunity to make a positive global impact on infant and pediatric health, leading innovation and research that demonstrates the superiority of clean plant-based nutrition.

Our goal, as the scientific and clinical expert face of Else Nutrition, is to gather and facilitate the flow of information between the medical community and our consumers. Likewise, we aim to communicate only the most accurate information to healthcare providers regarding our products and science, to ensure that we are always compliant to laws and regulations, and to cultivate the identification and closure of evidence gaps in plant-based nutrition at all levels.
We welcome your feedback in how we can improve our service or research to fit your clinical and medical field needs. If you wish to contact any of the above medical affair team individuals, please reach us at: (877) ELSE-HCP / (877) 357-3427 and specify your desired contact.

Renana & Fabi

Else Nutrition’s Medical Affairs Team